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My name is Kinga Fodor, I am a graphic designer and desktop publisher. 

Education: Design Academy (digital graphic design, logo design, desktop publishing, creative style improvement)

Software I play with:  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Things I design: publishings (newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues, etc.), logos posters,  flyers, business cards, invitations for weddings/events, certificates, menus, packaging, name badges and any other materials for  printing or online purposes.

More about me: I am a passionate lover of colors, shapes and design. I am Hungarian, living in Barcelona and I cannot imagine a better inspiration for my passion and work than this bold and pulsating city.

I cherish wild and awareness-raising colors and forms, calmed down by clarity (although I am capable of designing in any style).

The ’Barcelona lifestyle’ with all its beautiful and exciting forms and colors, people, their smiles, the sea, the sun, music, its unique places, artistic smells and tastes, all inspire my spiritual and professional self.

When I design, it feels like I am the space that surrounds and fills each existing thing, the space that defines colors and shapes, the space that connects everything.

I am a graphic designer and desktop publisher in Barcelona and Budapest, logo, restaurant menu, packaging

What I also like: travelling, family, series, cats

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